Best Fingerboards for Beginners

Its super easy to find great boards for a low price

When you are just starting out Fingerboarding or have for a short time, there are great fingerboards that wont make you break the bank to buy.



Techdecks are great as a very first board, but you should upgrade as soon as possible


  • cheap
  • widely accessible in many store
  • Have real Skateboard brands which makes it feel like the real thing


  • plastic deck negates some of the pop
  • plastic bushings dont let the board turn naturally
  • plastic wheels are wobbly and break easily
  • plastic trucks break very easily (i broke about 3 of my 6 Techdeck trucks when just starting out)
  • grip tape is like sandpaper and isn’t grippy at all
  • 26 mm is the standard Deck size which makes tricks harder on the thinner board
  • 0 concave

==>Buy this Techdeck from here 


P-rep Complete 30mm  Fingerboard

This Fingerboard is what i would recommend to beginners and experienced fingerboarders alike. I have tried more expensive boards and this is still my favorite. It’s called the P-Rep Red Complete Wooden Fingerboard.


  • It comes with 2 sheets of pre-cut grip tape for easy install and replacment
  • Foam grip tape is a huge step up from the sand paper Techdeck offers. It is very hard to try and go back
  • Wooden Deck allows for more pop
  • bearing wheels offer a much smoother ride
  • 30 mm gives much more room for your fingers for Kickflips and other Tricks
  • P-reps deep mold has way more concave alowing a place to flip the board
  • Metal trucks have never broken on me even after hard use
  • very inexpensive compared to other Fingerboards
  • Amazon Prime


  • Bearing Wheels can become clogged and not smooth if not cleaned and properly taken care of
  • The wheels are plastic with not much grip
  • I have broken the wheels

==> Buy Prep 30mm fingerboard here

P-Rep Fingerprint 30mm Graphic Complete Wooden 

This Fingerboard is alot like the other P-rep i showed before Except it has the P-rep low mold, cnc lathed wheels, and a graphic on the deck


  • Low mold has less concave and is preferred by all many Fingerboarders
  • CNC lathed wheels are stronger and i prefer them to regular wheels
  • The bottom graphic makes the Fingerboard look nicer


  • More expensive than the first fingerboard but still very inexpensive compared to other boards
  • You may not like the low mold as much

==> Buy 30mm Prep graphic Fingerboard here

P-REP 33.5mm Stuff Graphic Low Mold Wooden 

The main diffrence of this fingerboard is it width of 33.5 mm. Many people prefer wider boards but i dont like them as much. This board is basicly the same as the graphic board above it except its a little wider. I would recommend it to those who like wider decks

==> Buy 33.5 Prep graphic Fingerboard here