Cool Fingerboard Skateparks

What Are Fingerboard Skateparks?

If you have been fingerboarding for a while you would know that fingerboard skateparks play a big role when it comes to Fingerboard competitions.basic Fingerboard skatepark for beginners

There are two main kinds of competitions:

  • Skate Competition: The competitors play a game of skate and the last person remaining wins.
  • Fingerboard Competition: The competitors do different tricks and a panel judges them. The person with the highest score wins.

Both of these competitions can take place on a flat plane ( like a table or on the floor ) or in skatepark designed for Fingerboards

Fingerboard skateparks are designed like miniature skateparks with more ledges and ramps for more jumps and grinds. Usually they are made out of ramps and blocks you can buy that fit together using little studs so you can mix and match the pieces as you please

This is the most common way to build one, but some hardcore fingerboarders make massive parks using concrete or even wood to make them seem more realistic and more permanent.

Cool Fingerboard Skateparks:

This is a Fingerboard Competition that took place in New York City in 2011:

This a video of some guys who made their very own Fingerboard skatepark in their backyard . They poured concrete onto a ledge and shaped it with their hands into a really cool skatepark.


These skateparks are cool, but your probably wondering how to make one yourself that would be easier than pouring 50 pounds of concrete. If so, you are in luck!

Many companies make ramps and other features that you can buy to make your very own skatepark. you can get these off sites like amazon or fingerboard suppliers.

What Skateparks We Recommend:

Beginner Fingerboard Skatepark

This is a really cool beginners skatepark that comes with ramps, grinding rails, and a few blocks to jump from. It is low in price and a good investment if you want to hone your skills for competitions or just playing skate with your friends.

==> Buy this Beginner Skatepark Here




Buy The Circuit Pro Skatepark HereHere is another Skatepark that is a good deal for the price. we have used it personally and think that it is great for beginners and pros alike. It is made for electric fingerboards, but still works great for regular fingerboards.

It comes with ramps, rails, and even a halfpipe to do rad tricks on. This is easy to customize for your liking and great if you want to get better at fingerboarding and have fun in the process:

==> Buy the Circuit Pro Skatepark Here



Buy the Circuit Bowl Here

This is also a electric fingerboard skatepark, but still works great for regular fingerboards and is the best bang for your buck skate park. it comes with 3 ramps, a rail, four assorted blocks, and a giant bowl for doing pro tricks.

If you want to learn tricks fast and perfect them at the park, this is the product for you. whats even better, you can combine this park with the park above to make a massive park like the pros would skate on.

==> Buy The Circuit Bowl Skatepark Here


If you want to make a skateparks that would rival the Pros, these are for you. Black-River Ramps are the most high quality and prestigious fingerboarding ramps you can find. They are made out of well-crafted wood and the rails are polished aluminum.

If you want to make a Skatepark just like the pros, then these are for you. They are the best ramps and features around, and are well worth the money. These are very realistic and it will feel like you are skating on a miniaturized wooden skatepark.

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