First 3 fundamental tricks to learn on a Fingerboard

If your just getting started in Fingerboarding, there are 3 tricks that you will need to learn in order to learn harder tricks on a Fingerboard in the future.

  1. Shuvit/ Pop shuvit
  2. Ollie
  3. Kickflip

You can learn all 3 tricks right here…

Shuvit/ Pop shuvit

The Shuvit is the first trick you will learn on your finger board. While you cant shuvit on to most obstacles, it is a nice trick to do off of grinds or obstacles you drop off of. the pop shuvit you should learn after the Ollie so you are able to properly pop the board, but it is easy to do after learning the shuvit and the Ollie and is a good beginner trick to get into grinds/slides and on to obstacles as well as of of them.



The Ollie is the most fundamental trick you can preform on a Fingerboard. Once you can Ollie, you unlock the ability to learn Grinds and Slides as well as almost every other trick on a Fingerboard.


The Kickflip is the first flip trick you will want to learn on a Finger board. it is a fundamental for much harder tricks such as 360 flips and Varial Kickflips when you preform Kickflips and Pop Shuvits. the Kickflip is very important and many “Pros” still use it to get in and out of Slides and Grinds