Popular Fingerboarders

The art of Fingerboarding has exploded in the last decade, giving rise to the many Fingerboard professional’s there are today.

These Pros compete in competitions that reward large sums of money and even create their very own Fingerboard brands. Here are a few of the many Fingerboard pros that are shaping the way people think about Fingerboarding

Mike Schneider

Mike Schneider is a 16 year old best known as the founder of Flatface Fingerboards. He uses the site to sell his own fingerboard products and others, includding BlackRiver Ramps. He has even opened up his own storefront, making it one of the only retail fingerboard stores in the world. He is also a very well known Fingerboarder and is a master when it comes to FIngerboarding.


Martin Ehrenberger

Martin Ehrenberger is a German fingerboarder who is the creator of BlackRiver Ramps, a company that sells high end Fingerboard ramps and other skatepark features. You can read about his ramps and others in our review here.  His products are very popular among skatepark builders as they are very well made and realistic, giving the impression of a real skatepark. His site also sells many high end Fingerboards including Flatface and Berlinwood products. He is well known in the fingerboarding scene.


Taylor Rosenbauer

Taylor Rosenbauer is a fingerboarder who has made a massive collection of over 30 tutorials on fingerboard tricks. these include the simple ollie to the very advanced nightmare flip. He is obviously very good at his craft because he can perform all of his tricks and manage to teach others in the process. you can see some of his tricks on youtube or here on our website. His tutorials are the best out there and have personally taught us some of the most advanced tricks.