What Is Fingerboarding?

If you’re here, then you are where we were almost three years ago when we first got into the radical world of fingerboarding.

If you have no idea what fingerboarding is, imagine this: riding a miniature skateboard, but instead of using you feet to perform tricks, you use only two fingers to manipulate the board, hence the name fingerboard.

By miniature skateboard, we don’t mean a small penny board. Were talking a skateboard about 10 cm long and 3 cm wide. Despite the small size, however, you can perform just about any trick you can do on a skateboard.

Doing tricks on a fingerboard is just like doing them on a skateboard, just with your fingers. By controlling the board in different ways, you can get it to pop and do ollies, kickflips, and many more tricks. You can learn more about them here on our site.

Many people fingerboard recreationally, but some pros do it for large sums of money. if you watch any videos of them, you will see just how good they are at fingerboarding. They can perform any trick flawlessly and without hesitation. With enough practice, you can be as good as them.

Fingerboarding, like many skills, takes years to master but will be just as rewarding when you master the double varial heelflip as when you did your first ollie. We hope that our site is able to help and encourage you to master fingerboarding. Heres what it is all about:

Best Beginner Fingerboards

If you haven’t begun fingerboarding or just started, This is where you will need to go first. This page has many great beginner fingerboards along with the pros and cons of each one. if you were ever confused about which board to buy, you should start here.

==> Best beginner fingerboards

Your First Tricks

Once you actually have a fingerboard, you can start doing tricks. This page will inform you with the best tricks to start with and even a full video tutorial for each one. This is how you will learn your first tricks.

==> Learning your first fingerboarding tricks

Advanced Tricks

After you’ve mastered the beginner tricks, it is time to move onto more advanced ones. This page will show you three harder tricks that will be much more impressive then the beginner ones.

==> Advanced Fingerboarding tricks

Popular Fingerboarders

If you’ve ever wondered who is most well known in the fingerboarding scene, or just wanted to see what the pros can do, this page is for you. It will show you who are the masters at this craft and will help you begin to replicate their skill.

==> Popular Fingerboard pros

Cool Skateparks

All fingerboarding revolves around doing tricks, especially at skatparks. These are custom designed and will help you master the tricks in no time. If you want to know what fingerboard skateparks are or which ones to buy, this page is for you.

==> Cool skateparks page

Fingerboard Vocabulary:

Learning all the lingo and jargon surrounding Fingerboarding can be hard, even though it is essential to mastering the sport. This page will teach you the parts of a fingerboard, skatepark terminology, and what the different variations of tricks mean and how they apply to different tricks. This page will be very useful to both new and advanced fingerboarders.

==> Fingerboard vocabulary