Advanced Fingerboard Tricks

Advanced Tricks on a fingerboard are usually combinations of 2 tricks or tricks that require more practice to master. These tricks should be learned after the more basic tricks such as the kickflip and the pop shuvit.


While the heelflip in theory isn’t that hard (just the opposite of a kickflip) in practice it is very hard. You have to bend your front finger to flip the board which is not needed for the kickflip. Once you get this trick though, you unlock the ability to do many more advanced tricks.

360 Flip

The 360 flip is where you do a 360 pop shuvit as you do a kickflip. This is personally my favorite trick because it isn’t to hard once you have learned the kickflip, and it looks pretty cool.

lazer flip

The lazer flip is a combination of a 360 inward pop shuvit and a heelflip. if you can do an inward heelflip, then it will be very easy to learn this trick. The hardest part of the trick is learning the actual heelflip, so make sure you have that down.