How to make an $150 Fingerboard

Should you buy an $150 Fingerboard

I personally think that unless you have been Fingerboarding for at least half a year, you shouldnt buy one this expensive. You can usually find a fingerboard thats not very expensive but is great quality. Here are some pros and cons of an expensive fingerboard:


  • Very high quality products
  • Wheels spin better and for longer without cleaning them
  • Decks usually have more pop
  • All the parts last longer


  • VERY expensive
  • Less expensive decks and trucks can be just as good
  • Its usually not worth the money

What I think

Even after riding more expensive boards, my favorite now is a Prep 32mm Graphic board.the deck looks cool and has really nice pop, the trucks are pretty good, and the wheels roll nice but do need cleaning every so often. You can buy it here:

What I would Buy for an $100 Fingerboard


The Deck i would buy is the Berlin Wood TKY Wide shape 32mm Deck. I like the graphic, the shape, and the size. Berlin wood is one of the best Fingerboard Companys and many people use there Decks. It cost $41.95 and can be bought here





I personally don’t think trucks need to be very expensive to be great. For be as long as they dont break andlet the wheels roll they are pretty good. The expensive trucks i wood buy are The Yellowood Tiffanygold X4 32mm Series Y trucks. Y trucks are probably the best trucks you can Buy and since there 32mmthey fit the deck. They cost 50,00 euro or $58.31 and can be bought here




The wheels I would buy are the Oak FF red/Acid green wheels. Oak Wheels are made of polyurethane which gives them grip like a real Skate board wheel. Since these are the Oak and Flat Face collaboration, they roll like a Flat Face wheel, but grip, sound, and feel like an Oak. They cost 44,95 euros or $52.42 and can be bought here


If you buy all these products it comes out to  a total of $152.68. Unless you have Fingerboarded for a long time I don’t think you should buy this. if you are a beginner or intermediate Fingerboarder, there are much better options in the $10-$50 ranger depending on your budget